Marketing Solutions
The Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the Message

What Our Clients, Their Customers  & Our Vendors Say

“We are extremely pleased with the comprehensive business plan Sharon Marshall and her extremely competent team at Marketing Solutions built for our firm, eVendor Check, Inc. Building a strategic business plan for an early stage technology firm may seem like a daunting effort, however, Marketing Solutions' structured consultative approach, provided an ideal methodology conducive to a close and effective working relationship.”

“In a team effort, Marketing Solutions helped us define our goals and the strategies and tactics required to achieve them. With a strong orientation for research, Marketing Solutions worked closely with us to define and segment market opportunities, company positioning, product packaging and competitive topography. The comprehensive three-year marketing and communications plan, which they developed under two distinct investment scenarios, was well received by prospective investors.”
— eVendor Check, Inc.

Our Strategic Approach

Providing Research–Based Strategic Solutions

Marketing Solutions is a strong advocate of a structured marketing process. We believe that for any marketing effort to be successful it must be strategically conceived and executed.

We feel that the strategic development and implementation of any marketing or business plan can only be successful when both the consulting team and the client are fully committed and intellectually engaged. Putting that belief into practice, Marketing Solutions works closely with the client’s team to produce a document that is:

  • Supported by research
  • Strategically sound
  • Fiscally responsible

To this end, we invest important time in discovery concerning the client’s goals, processes, market opportunities, competition, pricing, communications options and distribution channels.