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The Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the MessageThe Market, the Method, the Message

What Our Clients, Their Customers & Our Vendors Say

“As a non-profit with a limited budget, it is not easy to come up with innovative ways to get the word out about our organization. When we were ready to open a new facility, we chose Marketing Solutions. From postcards to billboards, Marketing Solutions was responsive to our needs while providing us with creative and professional products that were consistent with our image and effective in targeting the people we wanted to attract. This resulted in more traffic through our doors. We will continue to utilize Marketing Solutions for future campaigns.”
— Upper Bucks YMCA

Case Studies

Developing Sustained, Multi-Faceted Campaigns Is Our Specialty

Borough of Quakertown

A 200-year-old town in Upper Bucks County about 50 miles north of Philadelphia, Quakertown launched an economic redevelopment effort to attract businesses and consumers. We worked with the redevelopment consultant, Delta Development Group, to produce a complete set of marketing and support materials for the campaign. The project began with a series of focus groups and town meetings to investigate strategic direction and provide input for creative concepts. The overall campaign involved a new logo and tagline highlighting four spheres of consumer activity; an information packet with folder and multiple inserts persuasively presenting the Quakertown economic story to prospective businesses and developers; and posters and ad slicks for local merchants to use the new brand in consumer outreach. The Borough is currently finalizing its pedestrian overlay for the development district. After this is completed the new development materials will be put into play.

> Click here to view Borough of Quakertown project samples

NOVA/A Woman's Place

The Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) and A Woman's Place worked together through The Bucks County Violence Against Women Coordinating Team to create awareness of the resources and support available to victims of domestic and dating abuse. The initial campaign focused on two specific areas of criminal behavior: stalking and dating violence. We produced a wallet card, brochure and poster for each to enable women to understand the nature of these crimes, indentify potential criminal behavior, and know how to respond and where to get help. The materials were printed in English, Spanish and Russian. The second phase of the campaign was to create a series of training videos for law enforcement personnel updating them on protocols and procedures concerning stalking, dating violence, domestic abuse and sexual assault. The videos (animated PowerPoint presentations with narration) were distributed on DVDs with an appendix of support documents.

> Click here to view NOVA/A Woman's Place project samples

Upper Bucks YMCA New Building Launch

The Upper Bucks YMCA completed one of the most successful capital campaigns for a new building in the history of Upper Bucks County. However, significant delays ensued, and after several years they were able to find a property and open a new building. We assisted their marketing director with developing a marketing launch plan and developing materials within a limited non-profit budget that would deliver on the promise of the successful capital campaign.  We created a new launch logo that transitioned from their capital campaign logo, a postcard mailing to members, flyers for the open house, a launch billboard and banner, and a new web site design. The YMCA was able to attract the amount of new members required to support operations.

> Click here to view YMCA project samples

Keystone Wood Products Association

KWPA represents lumber and wood product manufacturers in an 11-county region in Central Pennsylvania. We initially worked with them to facilitate a strategic planning session and formalize the inputs from that in a detailed plan to increase association membership and communicate key messages about the wood industry as a regional economic engine, viable career choice, and responsible community partner practicing sustainable forestry. After KWPA adopted that plan, we produced a series of electronic and video presentations, print materials, and a new website based on the theme “Pennsylvania Hardwoods: Our Forests, Our Products, Our Jobs.” After reviewing the materials, Dave Whitten, chairman of the KWPA board of directors, said: “I read the perfectly worded and printed inserts and watched the 27 minute DVD. It all just blew me away with the professional appearance, excellent substance and very well articulated messages!”

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Verizon FutureLink

Verizon’s mid-Atlantic region offers a career services program to the members of their IBEW and CWA unions. Our task was to develop the internal marketing for this program, interfacing with the two unions, the Verizon management team, and two service providers of FutureLink training. We interviewed Verizon employees and the vendors to obtain a baseline of information on program perceptions and then launched a complete, integrated campaign that includes a refresh of the program logo, a branding poster, a complete program booklet/catalog, sub-program marketing material, web site interfaces, and special promotions.

As a result of this work, FutureLink course enrollments were up during promotional periods.

> Click here to view Verizon project samples

Pennsylvania Heartland

Ten counties in Central Pennsylvania elected to band together to create a regional identity to market itself as a viable locale in which to live in work. Most important was to appeal to the youth market and to help stem their flight from the region after completing their education. The project required coordinating input from several regional state agencies and chambers of commerce, and conducting focus groups to establish a viable brand and tagline for the region. Deliverables includes a complete marketing communication plan for the new brand, and development of the necessary materials including a press kit, regional brochures for adults and youth, youth posters for schools and mall kiosks, advertising slicks, public service radio spots, PowerPoint presentations and a CD of presentations and marketing materials to be distributed throughout the region.

As a result of this initial work, many regional entities began using the Heartland materials and logo and brand recognition was initiated.

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